Sign Up for Easysearch

    Did you know that whenever you search online you could be raising a free donation for the Friends of the Howard of Effingham?

    If you register with (which uses Bing instead of Google) and record Howard of Effingham Friends as the cause you are supporting, we will receive 0.5p for every search you make.  This can quickly add up, especially if you set Easysearch as a favourite, or default option, so that you use it every time.  

    N.B. Search engines already record your search history and by using Easysearch/Bing you simply allow the school to benefit as well.  We have trialed the arrangement for you over a number of months and it works well.  

    To get started, all you have to do to join is:

    Head to and search for the Easysearch tab at the top right of the page and sign up for free (recording Howard of Effingham Friends as your supported cause).  If you are already registered with Easyfundraising then you will automatically be registered when you click on the link and you can start searching immediately from the Easysearch page.

    Please help us raise as much as possible - there are no catches or hidden charges and Howard of Effingham Friends will be really grateful for your donations.

    Thank you for your support.