Contribute to the Friends via your employer's Matched Giving Scheme

    A number of parents and carers (and indeed relatives) have arrangements offered by their employer (if available) which allow them to increase the size of their own donations to charity through Matched Giving Schemes.  These can be for one-off payments or regular monthly donations. The Friends of the Howard is of course a registered charity (number 1090192) and so typically available as a cause that can be supported under such Matched Giving Schemes. 

    This can potentially double the size of individual one-off contributions, or, if made on a regular monthly basis direct from your personal payroll, can have the added advantage of allowing you to deduct the full tax on your donation at your own true income tax rate.  N.B For higher rate tax payers this is significantly more than the benefit of Gift Aid, which is based only on standard tax rates, but even for standard rate taxpayers it can allow you to multiply the size of your personal contribution through top-ups from both your employer and HMRC!  What's not to like?

    Terms and conditions, and applicability, will of course depend on individual corporate schemes available to you, but if you would like to support us directly this may be the most effective way to do so.

    A list of companies known to participating this scheme can be found by clicking this link -  Matched-Giving-Companies.pdf  but please do ask if you think it is something your employer would be interested in.  This list is not exhaustive and may change.