Quiz & Chip Night

    Friday 16th March 2018 - And the Results are in....!

    HEADS OR TAILS - THE REHEARSAL  Nothing can wrong........



    The winner, Richard Dawson (left), being presented with his prize by Question Master Andy Wall.


    The quiz underway with Andy (that's him on right) asking the tough questions.


    Winners of the Best Team Name (by popular vote) - We're Going To Get Battered.


    Winners of the Quiz - From Russia With Glove (plus one photo-bomber).


    'Winners' of Wooden Spoons - the prouder members of The Itty Bitty <vetoed> Committee.

    Friends Quiz: Not Quite Ocean’s Eleven ….

    Greetings Friends
    So the excitement of the quiz is all done and it’s left to me to write some words to highlight the excitement, congratulate the winners, thank the organisers and explain away some of the ‘controversy’ (I sense a Sun-type article as opposed to a Times one here).  I had intended to feature a Donald headline as homage to the world leader for my final report but on reflection perhaps mention of the Las Vegas casino heist film seems more appropriate.  Hopefully fans of the great man weren’t disappointed with a quiz round dedicated to him and his exploits.

    All told we had 25 teams of quizzers who were all fed and watered before the excitement really began.  The table & question rounds were varied, interesting and challenging as usual with Andy Wall in the chair, leading to much discussion on the tables – many thanks to him for this and indeed previous events for supplying the entertainment.  His contribution and personality will be greatly missed as he took his final bow last week.

    The first ‘test’ of the evening was the Heads or Tails competition.  This game of high skill and moderate excitement was won by Richard Dawson who accepted his prize from Andy to huge applause from the hall - obviously a popular chap.

    As we moved on to the quiz a couple of the questions – ocean related – played a greater part in proceedings than perhaps intended.

    There are four oceans according to research (https://oceanservice.noaa.gov/facts/howmanyoceans.html) but Andy generously allowed for the Southern ‘ocean’ to be included and so both four and five were considered as correct answers.  A question in the Around The World round asked what percentage of the world’s surface was covered by water – the importance of the accuracy of this became apparent later in the evening. 

    After a hard fought and as you can gather highly contested evening, we managed to get to the end of the counting only to find that there was a three-way tie for first place between From Russia With Glove, The Unstable Geniuses and We’re Going To Get Battered all scoring a very creditable 113 points. By a well-planned process of ‘countback’ From Russia With Glove who accurately gave 71% for the earlier water question were crowned the winners.  Commiserations to the other two although any sadness by We’re Going To Get Battered was minimal as they’d already picked up the prize for the Best Team Name Competition (inspired choice on that one Irene).  Itty Bitty  <censored>  Committee brought up the rear with a respectable 70 points although their average age of 17 may have meant they weren’t in the typical target age group AND having their preferred name vetoed on the night meant they were going to be challenged.

    As always these events are not possible without the hard work of a few so huge thanks to Tracy Brooker and Samantha Anastasi for the raffle (sponsored by Love Wine whose Wine Fest this Saturday you will have read about earlier in the week).  The marking team was Martin Butterworth, Lynsey McClure and Bruce Gomme.  The bar team were Michelle Wall, Jo Campbell, Anthony Norris and Ollie Campbell.

    In total we raised over £3k which will go to some playground equipment which we hope to see in use early in the Summer Term.

    I’m following Andy into ‘retirement’ so these will be my last ramblings on behalf of The Friends.  Best wishes to those leading the way in the future.

    Thanks as ever to all for your support.
    Roy Campbell