Support the Friends through a sponsored Event

    Ever looked for an excuse to take on a challenge, sporting or other?  The Three Peaks Challenge, London to Paris Cycle Ride, Marathon des Sables??

    Many of these organised events allow you to choose your own registered charity and that could of course be the Friends of the Howard.

    Last year six dads from the Howard got together to cycle the London to Brighton route and raised more than £1,600 between them in the process.  

    Could you be interested in taking part in another cycling event this year...?  Do you think the mums could raise more....? Has a friend been pestering you to join them on some other charity event?  

    Or do you want to try and enlist a few other participants from amongst the parents and carers at the Howard to join you in something you have been waiting for an excuse to take on (and would like our help to advertise this)...?

    This could be your year!

    Let us know how we can HELP!